Create a Financial Plan for your business. In no time.

Fiddling around with spreadsheet formulas is tiresome and costs time. FinPlan allows you to create and manage a simple financial plan in an easy to use interface. Now planning your business is fast and fun.

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No more spreadsheet chaos.


Create a plan without the spreadsheet hassle in a couple of minutes.

Export to Excel

We don’t stop you, if you really want to go the spreadsheet way.

Share a Plan

Quickly create a share link that allows read only access!

Templates Coming soon!

Start with pre-defined business plans for eCommerce or SaaS.

Dynamic Assumptions

Add assumptions with exponential or linear growth like a pro.

Scenarios Coming soon!

Simply add different scenarios to your plan

financial plan

How it works


Your plan consists of a list of Entries

There are three Entry Types: Income, Expense and Assumptions. Income and Expenses count towards your Profit/Loss summary. Assumptions can be used for all business related metrics like clients, user growth or conversion rates.


Add Entries with dynamic growth or decline

User growth, conversion rate or even salaries will not stay the same. You can add dynamics to every entry by a few clicks and decide if it grows/declines linear, logarithmic or exponential.


Spreadsheet like formulas

Derive values from other entries with formulas like you would in spreadsheets. This is helpful, when you derive revenue or expenses from Assumptions.


Manage all Entries in one place

Your entry overview allows quick changes or adding/copying of entries. Once you have figured out how it works, it speeds up managing your plan drastically.


Check your plan any time

Based on your entries the Financial Plan and Yearly Recap is updated every time you make a change.

If you want, you can export your plan as an Excel file.

No registration required!

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